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What do Plantation Shutters Cost?

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1st March

Now you know how stylish and effective plantation shutters are, the next question is: how much do they cost? The retail prices of plantation shutters depends upon:

The cost of the materials
Labour expenses to assemble the shutters
The profit chosen by the manufacturer

Many retailers offer high quality plantation shutters in multiple sizes and designs from well-know manufactures. These shutters can cost more because of the skill involved and the reputation of the manufacturer behind them. They will cost more than those found at home improvement stores.

Woodworking classes and online tutorials have made plantation shutters an achievable DIY project. They can be made for a fraction of the price of retail plantation shutters by removing the labour expenses, transport costs, and of course the profit margin. The other benefit of doing so is full control over material, colour, and size options. Despite more …

Use your Conservatory 365 days a year with thermally efficient Blinds

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7th November

Conservatories should be a all year round usable space, but more often enough they are used at certain times of the year. So installing the right type of conservatory blinds will transform the way you use your space.

Firstly, conservatory roof blinds will keep the heat out in the summer months, dramatically reducing the glare and also protect you furniture from bleaching. The added benefit of having roof blinds is that they can make your conservatory look more dressed. The most popular option are pleated roof blinds, the colours are endless, from whites to creams to even blacks.

Perfect fit conservatory roof blinds are becoming the most popular choice. Perfect fits are a more expensive option but this option no drilling or screws are used to fit the conservatory blinds. The end result is a perfect fit, The blinds really do become part …

Plantation Shutters Middlesbrough

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2nd November

Order Gorgeous Plantation Shutters in Middlesbrough, Stockton & Teesside

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that wooden shutters are all the same. The wealth of choice on offer when selecting new shutters for your property is astounding and it can be hard to decide which finish you love best. A range of painted and stained finishes are available as well as a variety of styles and shapes. Combining expert design with timeless style, wooden shutters exude quality and are ideal for any interior style. Whether your property is traditional or contemporary in its design, you can be sure that you’ll find the shutters that meet your needs and style tastes.

Kitchen Shutters are very popular

When it comes to your kitchen, you’ll need to choose window coverings that not only look great but that are practical too. Shutters are ideal for the kitchen as …

The Best Plantation Shutter Choices

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12th September

Our more popular Plantation shutter styles are full height shutters, cafe style shutters, tier on tier shutters, solid panel shutters and special shapes shutters. History generally determines what is popular or seemingly popular. With the number of bay windows around England and the UK it makes perfect sense to choose Full Height, Cafe Style and Tier on Tier.

The interior window plantation shutters are more popular than the rest of Europe where they pick shutters for the exterior. This is due to the weather conditions and the way windows are built around here where they open outwards but in Europe they tend to open inwards which impedes on shutter frames.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are for the full length of a window. Most popular for windows that aren’t as tall as other windows or where café style isn’t wanted. It is also used when …

Safety Blinds

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25th March

Child safe blinds are at the forefront of every parents mind. Make sure that the blind company you choose supply and fit a full range of child safe blinds. Now available are vertical blinds that can be finished with chainless bottom weights not only looks sleek but also reduces the risk of unsafe loops in your home creating a child safe window dressing. Each blind is sealed with the weight inside so there is no need for the chains at the bottom.  Also the chains are fitted with easy break chain connectors that release when 3 kgs of weight is applied. Also for extra safety the cords can be secured when wrapped around cleats. Perfect fit blinds are also the preferred choice for families with young children, as there are no cords or chains for children to get into trouble. The perfect fit …

Blackout Blinds

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11th March

Blackout blinds have come a long way in the past 50 years. There was a time some years ago when a request to a blind maker for blackout blinds conjured up images of X-ray theatres or dedicated projection rooms. Occasionally, stories of the Second World War would break out as more mature industry pioneers would talk about black blinds in the Blitz. You may query what relevance this has today, and frankly it hasn’t any – but then that’s the whole point.

In today’s society, consumers select fabrics with higher levels of opacity for reasons that would not be understood by original specifiers of this blind type. In addition, whilst traditional blackout blinds feature a roller mechanism as the operating system, the all-or-nothing capability of a roller blind system doesn’t always allow for the levels of flexibility sometimes required in areas …

Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds

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27th February

Consumers are starting to learn that perfect fit blinds can also be installed in your conservatory roof. Some blind companies will not inform customers that you must drill into the frames of your new conservatory, your guarantee may be invalid. Consumers need to be aware of this situation. That’s where perfect fit blinds in your new conservatory roof and side windows are ‘perfect’. As there is no drilling into the frames of your new units this does not risk your guarantee from Fensa. Perfect fit blinds are fitted with small brackets that fit between the rubber seal and the double glazed unit. Then the actual perfect fit blind is fitted into place and clips into the bracket. The frames on perfect fit blinds come as standard in white or brown. If you have different coloured frames in your conservatory you can …

Why Perfect Fit Blinds

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21st February

When you invest in a new conservatory, the last thing you want is someone drilling into your walls or roof to install your new conservatory blinds. The best blind Company should have the perfect solution. Perfect fit blinds are installed with no drilling and screwing into your new conservatory.

They fit the blinds with a bracket that’s sits in between the glazed unit and window frame. Perfect fit blinds can come as a roller blind, venetian blind or pleated blind. Something every home owner should consider after paying thousands for a quality new extension, sunroom, orangery or conservatory.

There are 1000’s of options on the choice of colours, fabrics, styles, patterns, colour, shades and UV filters. The perfect fit blinds can easily be removed for cleaning and updating. When you install verticals, roller blinds etc you loose some of your window sill …

Complimentary Vertical Blinds

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14th February

The beautiful blind company have decided to extend the free vertical blind offer until the end of April, due to the offer being very popular…. Yes free vertical blinds. If you purchase a full set of conservatory roof blinds we will give you free vertical side blinds for your whole conservatory. No hidden costs, no salesmanship, no gimmicks just a great offer. There are a huge amount of fabrics ad colours to choose from for the free verticals blinds. All come with free measuring an fitting and our normal 10 year written guarantee. Also until the end of April we are now adding free roller blinds to our offer. So if vertical blinds are not for you, we’ll give you free roller blinds instead. Have  look at our prices s you can see what you will pay up front, there …

Choosing Blinds Fabric

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8th February

The beginning of 2013 sees a transitional time for the blind industry, as many fabric manufacturers change the range of fabrics available. This year we see a huge change in the type of funky fabrics that are now available. The types of roller blind fabrics that are now on offer, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste. Choosing the right type of blinds for you home is more important than you think. Window space takes up on average 30% of most rooms, so the right fabrics and ideas can really bring your home to life. That’s where good Blind Company is different to most other blind companies. We will take time to help you choose the right blinds for you home and visit you as many times as it takes, for you to make the right decision. We are here to help, …

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Our company moto is, Simplicity, No hidden extras or gimmicks. We measure your blinds, give you the price with a great service for your blind requirements. Simple.

What do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Now you know how stylish and effective plantation shutters are, the next question is: how much do they cost? The retail prices of plantation...

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Use your Conservatory 365 days a year with thermally efficient Blinds

Conservatories should be a all year round usable space, but more often enough they are used at certain times of the year. So installing...